The Nintendo Switch has drawn quite a bit of interest and now a report says it’ll sell 5 million units this year.

The Nintendo Switch starts selling from March 3 onwards and things seem to be rosy right now. According to analytics firm, SuperData Research, the Japanese gaming company will sell 5 million units of the Nintendo Switch in 2017. “Nintendo is gearing up for a slow-and-steady release of its new console. Launching much earlier in the year than its predecessors, we expect the Switch to initially appeal mostly to the loyal fan base, before a broader, more mainstream audience adopts it,” says SuperData Research.

Further, the company says Nintendo’s biggest challenge at the moment is to convince other current console buyers to use the Switch as their secondary device. That won’t be an easy task, since Sony has already sold over 50 million units of the Playstation 4 and Microsoft has sold over 25 million units of the Xbox One.

If Nintendo does have a slow start to sales, it won’t be surprising. The Switch doesn’t have many big gaming titles on it right now. Moreover, console buyers who’ve already sprung for an Xbox or Playstation, may think twice before spending another $300 on the Switch, especially since it doesn’t come with bundled games.