Tesla files patent application for replacing battery packs for electric vehicles

Technicians would easily be able to change packs in less than 15 minutes
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Tesla has been reportedly working on a machine that would make battery replacement in an electric vehicle easier. A report from TechCrunch suggests that the company filed a patent application for replacing or swapping vehicle battery packs.

The patent filed in May by the US electric car maker reveals how the machine could lift a vehicle and then replace its battery pack with a new one in less than 15 minutes. The application also highlights how the lift could be used for the company’s “Model S” and “Model X” vehicles which incidentally could also possibly prove useful for Tesla’s forthcoming semi-truck platform which the electric car maker has been working on since last year.

To recall, the company’s founder and CEO Elon Musk had previously said if his company had followed a mobile battery swapping program, it would be to support commercial vehicles, on the same lines as its semi-truck project which the company is about to unveil.

While industry experts are speculating whether the machine will be built since it is just an application, it nonetheless, shows that Tesla is considering ways to keep electric vehicles on the road without spending too much time at the Supercharger station.