T-Mobile’s unlimited data family plans now come with free Netflix

Netflix’s standard tier, worth $9.99 is free with these plans.
By Jason Stokes,

Unlimited data plan users on T-Mobile’s network have something to look forward to. The company’s new “Netflix on Us” perk gives you free access to Netflix’s standard subscription pack. So, as long as you have two or more voice lines on T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan, you will be eligible for the offer, without having to pay anything more. The deal starts from September 12 and you can activate it from T-Mobile’s online channels, stores or by calling its customer service.

It’s actually a pretty good deal. You will be getting Netflix’s standard pack, which would otherwise cost you $9.99. This plans gives you access to HD content and the option to stream simultaneously on two devices. IF you want the other plans, you will have to pay $11.99 for Netflix’s 4K plan. If you do so, T-Mobile will add $2 (the difference) to your bill every month.

Further, the company said that if you’re using its “line-on-us” service, you will still be eligible for the Netflix offer. T-Mobile is also making it a point to position this as a move to solidify its position as the “un-carrier”, and it’s also trying to prove that the network is better set to provide unlimited data plans.