Sony chose to confirm the arrival and prices of its newest Playstations in India, at the India Games Expo.

The Sony Playstation 4 Pro and the Playstation VR are coming to India. While the former will be available in India from February onwards, the latter will sell from March onwards. The PS4 Pro will be made available at a cost of Rs. 38,990, while the PS VR will be bundled with the PS4 camera at Rs. 41,900. Without the camera, the PSVR will be sold for Rs. 37,990.

The Sony Playstation 4 Pro was unveiled last year, with support for 4K gaming. According to Sony, all PS4 games will be playable on both of these consoles. However, only the games that have been updated with support for the newer hardware will be able to use 4K and VR features. This includes games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warface, Ratchet & Clank, Unchartered 4: A Thief’s End and The Last of Us Remastered.

Further, you will be able to watch content on apps like Netflix, that support 4K streaming. You can also watch 4K videos on YouTube. Sony is also going to sell a thinner and lighter version of the PS4, at Rs. 27990.

Unlike the PS4 Pro, the PS VR support virtual reality gaming. This means features like 360 degree viewing and head tracking are available on the device, along with higher refresh rates.