South Korean giant electronics manufacturer Samsung Electronics is set to supply Exynos processors for German auto-maker Volkswagen’s Audi

Image: Telematics News

South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics announced on Wednesday that it would start supplying the giant German automaker Volkswagen with Exynos processors for the carmaker’s infotainment systems, thereby growing its chip sales revenues for the auto business. The Exynos processors are meant for the elite Audi.

In a statement issued, Samsung indicated that its Exynos processors would power up to four in-vehicle displays for Audi’s next-generation infotainment system. The electronics major however, did not divulge more details regarding the total value of the contract or what vehicles Audi would use the chips for.

There is no doubt that infotainment systems now rival the functionality of an iPad, while navigation has moved on to the point that it’s virtually impossible to get lost. Additionally, the systems now-a-days increasingly allow drivers to connect their phones to their vehicles.

The world’s top maker of smartphones and memory chips has been trying to boost sales of components for automobiles to boost growth. Samsung already supplies memory chips to Audi.

This new contract has given a big boost to the world’s biggest vendor of memory chips and smartphones albeit the electronics behemoth had in the past already supplied memory chips to Audi.


Image: WCCFtech