Samsung announces Gear IconX (2018) software update

The update brings in new features including an equaliser setting.
By Kevin Eli,
Samsung Electronics has announced a major software update for the Gear IconX (2018).

Samsung Electronics has announced that the Gear IconX (2018), is getting a major software update.

Gear IconX earbuds which are the second iteration of its fitness tracking-enabled wireless earbuds, were made for users who are constantly on the move, the South Korean tech giant said. Released on April 10, the fitness-focused earbuds’ latest software update makes it even easier for users to maximise workouts – introducing new ways to customise the listening experience and streamlining how users fill the device with their favourite ‘pump-up’ tracks, Samsung said.

The new features include an equaliser setting which allows users to quickly and easily adjust their audio’s frequency to optimal levels from five finely tuned presets: Bass Boost, Soft, Dynamic, Clear and Treble Boost. The enhanced Ambient Sound function, meanwhile, enables users to specify exactly how much ambient sound they would like the earbuds to let in. This makes it easier for users to pay attention to sounds around them, which makes the function especially useful when running or cycling outdoors. When indoors, users may activate the earbuds’ new Voice Focus function, which amplifies the voices of those in their surroundings.

As we are all aware, Bluetooth transfer can be time-consuming, especially if you decide to send across hundreds of music files. The latest update’s new Wireless Transfer feature enhances this functionality by streamlining how users manage their earbuds’ music library – removing the need for cables and allowing users to wirelessly add multiple tracks at once.

The Gear IconX (2018) update is now available to downloaded from the Samsung Gear app on a connected phone. 

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