MIKA stands for Multipurpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant, and helps engineers in telecom companies.

Nokia has built the first ever digital assistant meant for the telecom industry. It is known as MIKA, short for Multipurpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant, is trained to provide assistance to to workers in the telecom industry.

According to Igor Leprince, Head of Global Services in Nokia, the assistant uses the Nokia AVA platform and is customised to support specific needs that telcos have. It provides recommendations based on its learnings from other networks all over the world.

Apart from the Nokia AVA knowledge library, the AI assistant also uses a best practices repository that Nokia created from projects it has been involved in all over the world. MIKA uses these learnings to provide recommendations when it finds similar issues in other networks.

MIKA has been made available both as a mobile agent and a web interface, to allow easy access from anywhere. Nokia also introduced the Predictive Repair service meant to reduce costs and improve network quality.