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Twitter banned over 200 propaganda account related to Russia

Twitter disclosed information after a meeting with the House and Senate Intelligence Committees.
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Twitter says it has banned over 200 propaganda accounts linked to Russia, under pressure from the Congress. The accounts were used to spread misinformation and propaganda on the platform. According to Twitter, it found 22 accounts that correspond to accounts banned by Facebook earlier. Twitter apparently found 179 other accounts as well and banned them all. The company said the accounts were violating its spam rules, although they weren’t advertisers, unlike Facebook.

The announcement was made via a blog post, where Twitter also said that “Russia and other post-Soviet states” had become a large source of spam. The company also said that it’s “much trickier” to track activity that is co-ordinated by humans. In the blog post, Twitter talks about a news service from Russia, called Russia Today, which has been called an influence network in the past.

According to Twitter, it has spend over $274,000 on advertisements during the 2016 election, and the same has been disclosed to the Congress. The company had apparently promoted at least 1800 tweets, which may have been targeted at the United States.

The blog post came after executives from Twitter met officials from the Senate and House intelligence committees. The same have been investigating Russian interference in Donald Trump’s election for a while now.