Now Google Assistant can recognise the song playing in the background

Thanks to a new feature that identifies any song playing near you.
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Shazam is getting a new rival. Very soon, you'll soon be able to identify almost any song that's playing near you, thanks to Google Assistant's music recognition software.

A new feature released a month ago to Google's Pixel phones by tech behemoth Google, will soon be rolled out to Android devices supporting Google Assistant. Android users will now be able to identify any song playing in the background in case they are unable to recognise the song.

Android users will now be able to identify any song playing in the background in case they are unable to recognise the song.

This is how it works: after holding down on the home button to activate Google assistant, users can ask: "What song is this?" GA then listens to the song, and quickly gives you the key details such as the name of the song and artist, release date and Genre. Further, it even provides users an option to find the track on YouTube, Google Play Music, or to simply perform a search.

According to 9to5, the feature is currently live only on select devices, including the original Pixel phone. It appears that the feature doesn’t appear to have rolled out only to a few countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

To recall, the company had added the same functionality into its voice-based Google Now, which has been substituted with the Assistant. Those users that haven’t yet had the opportunity to try the music recognition feature on the Android device, could attempt via third-party apps such as Shazam or SoundHound.