Microsoft introduces Near Share, its take on Apple’s AirDrop

Near Share was added to Windows 10 Insider builds today.
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Apple is notorious for creating features that are meant only for its own devices. One of these is Airdrop, and if you’ve ever used an iPhone or Mac, you would know how powerful it is. Now, Microsoft is introducing its version of that for Windows 10 machines. The feature is called “Near Share” and it was added to the current Insider Build for Windows 10 today. Of course, Near Share doesn’t allow you to interact with Apple devices, but Windows 10 machines will be able to use it.

The Near Share feature allows quick file transfers between machines and is accompanied by a new addition to the company’s Edge browser. 

The feature allows quick file transfers between machines. It has been added to the Notification Center on Windows 10. Files are shared wirelessly, and recipients will be getting notifications when a file is sent to them. Since this is part of the Insider build right now, we will have to wait some more before we know how well it works. It would also be interesting to see how Microsoft handles dissimilarities between various Windows devices.

Further, the Near Share feature is accompanied by a new addition to the company’s Edge browser. The mute feature has been added here, allowing users to silence any auto playing videos or advertisements while you browser.