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Is Facebook taking on Twitch?

Facebook will start streaming games soon.
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Facebook is running a new endeavour to attract gamers and those who watch online gaming. The company is designing a Twitch-like platform that is dedicated to streaming games. The platform was revealed today as a “gaming creator pilot program”, and Facebook says it will be working with streamers to improve the content on this platform. The social network will also be better tailored to the target audience.

The company wants communities around game streaming and wants to add tools that will help with the same. Of course, Facebook also wants to make use of its VR efforts with the Oculus team, and Instagram is also going to be leveraged for the same. The company says it is “actively exploring ways for fans to back their favourite gaming creators via payments during select love streams on”.

We do not yet know what the platform will be, but Facebook seems poised to compete with Twitch and its recently introduced partner program. Twitch’s service is a lot similar to what Facebook is talking about here, though the company is well ahead of Facebook when it coming to attracting the loyalty of gamers. Twitch is already the top game streaming platform online and has a healthy community of gamers as well.