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Google Assistant is coming to Sony’s Android TVs

Sony becomes the second company to add support for Google Assistant on Android TV.
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We already knew that Google Assistant was on the way to Android TVs, and now the biggest Android TV manufacturer is adding the update. The Google Assistant is being added to Sony’s 4K HDR televisions that run on the operating system. The update will be coming to select models of the 2017 and 2016 versions of its televisions.

With the Google Assistant, users will have the option to voice search on their televisions. Before you ask, the Assistant is somewhat better than what Android TV already offered. You can now control your televisions, run smart homes and search directly on Google using the voice button on the Android TV remote. In Sony’s case, this may be integrated into the company’s bundled remotes as well.

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The update will make Sony the second manufacturer to add the Assistant to Andorid-powered TVs. The first device was the Nvidia Shield TV, which got the service in September. Sony is adding the update to the XBR-X800D, XBR-Z9D, XBR-X750 and the XBR-X700D. 

With the Google Assistant, users can play back content or request to stream their favorite TV show from selected services such as YouTube and Netflix. With so much great content available, the Google Assistant makes it easy to find the perfect show or movie by providing a natural voice interface. For example, you can ask the Google Assistant for Netflix titles directly: "Play Stranger Things" and the Google Assistant will respond. On YouTube, users will be able to seamlessly look for new, popular, or highly rated content by simply asking the Google Assistant, and then using voice commands to play the selection. Users can stay engaged by asking the Google Assistant questions about the content being played.

The Tokyo-based electronics goods maker said the update will also be coming to all the 2017 models of Sony’s Android TV line.