Faraday Future is almost ready to shut down

The last of its founding executives has quit.
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It seems Faraday Future is almost at the end of its life.

It seems Faraday Future is almost at the end of its life.

It seems Faraday Future is almost at the end of its life. The company’s vice president of design, Richard Kim, has reportedly resigned from his position. Kim was the man who designed the company’s much talked about electric vehicle, the FF91. Kim tendered his resignation on Tuesday, with December 1 being his last day at the company.

Before Faraday Future, Kim had been a designer at BMW, and was responsible for the BMW i3 and BMW i8 models. According to The Verge, he was one of the “founding executives” for Faraday Future. The publication also points out that Kim’s departure means all five of the company’s founding executives have now left the company. That includes Alan Cherry and Tom Wessner, who had both joined Faraday from Tesla, Nick Sampson and Dag Reckhorn.

On Faraday’s part, the company had unveiled the FF91 at CES earlier this year, to a rather disastrous start. Faraday has also had monetary troubles for awhile now. The company has had troubles ever since Chinese LeEco took over. Now, it seems the company is ready to shut down completely.

Further, The Verge reports that many of the company’s employees have also not been reporting to office. The company obtained an email from November 20th, where Allan Lu scolds employees for not showing up to work. According to the email, “only 2 people were in office” when LeEco’s Jia Yueting arrived to meet investors that morning. Lu is the current go-to-market operations head at Faraday Future.