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Facebook Spaces now available on HTC Vive

Facebook Spaces is the company’s social VR platform.
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FB Spaces

Facebook Spaces is now compatible across platforms. The company’s VR app was so far available on the Oculus Rift, but it’s coming to the HTC Vive now. The app will retain all of its features on this platform, including making video calls on Messenger, games and avatars.

“That's why I'm super excited to announce that today we're taking Facebook Spaces cross-platform for the first time, making it possible for even more people to spend time with their friends and family in VR. HTC Vive owners can now use Spaces with a Vive headset — just download from http://facebook.com/spaces,” wrote Rachel Franklin, Facebook’s Head of Social VR in a post.

“In the new app, Vive owners will find all the same fun features as the Rift version—you can create your own avatar, view Facebook photos and 360 videos, play games, draw with markers, go Live, make Messenger video calls, and (my favorite) take awesome selfies. Plus it’s cross-platform compatible, so Vive users can also hang out in Spaces with friends who use Rift,” says a post by Oculus on its blog.

Spaces now includes things like 3D posts, allowing users to interact with 3D objects and post them on the platform. This will also be included in the Oculus version, and the company says it will be looking to add more platforms soon.