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BBC developing radio dramas for Alexa and Google Home

The first drama is called The Inspection Chamber.
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The BBC is reportedly producing radio plays for Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home smart speaker. According to reports, the broadcasting company is turning its radio plays into interactive stories. So, listeners will hear a part of the story on these dramas and then be presented with choices for what should happen next. The format has been developed by BBC’s R&D teams, in partnership with a company called Rosina Sound.

Apparently, the idea is inspired from games like Papa Sangre and The Stanley Parable. The first of these shows is called The Inspection Chamber, which is a comedy/science fiction drama. You can even listen to a part of this play on the company’s R&D blog.

“We’ve built a story engine which allows us to release the same story across different voice devices. We’ll be releasing for Amazon Alexa and Google Home to start off with, but we’ve got the potential to add to that roster of devices and it’ll be interesting to see if we could get it on to, for example, Microsoft & Harman/Kardon’s Invoke speaker, or Apple’s HomePod and other devices as they come along. As far as we know, there aren’t many people developing cross-platform voice experiences in this way,” says the post.