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Apple fires iPhone X engineer after daughter leaks phone video

The iPhone X starts shipping from November 3.
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You know how your kids can sometimes get you into lots of trouble? Well, this Apple engineer does. The company has reportedly fired an engineer after his daughter posted a hands-on video of the iPhone X on YouTube, which then went viral. The vlog was published by Brooke Amelia Peterson earlier this week, showing a trip to the Apple campus where she was presumably visiting her father. The iPhone X seen in the video (embedded below) is an unreleased version of the device. The second video is an apology of sorts, by Peterson.

The video was picked up by various blogs and websites, which led to it going viral. Of course, that’s a massive leak for Apple, making it unsurprising that the engineer in question was fired. According to reports, Apple also requested for Peterson to remove the video, although it was too late by the time it came to the company’s notice.

Furthermore, a closer look at the video shows a notes app, which apparently sports codenames of upcoming Apple devices. Also seen in the video are employee only QR codes that Apple definitely doesn’t want leaked. Moreover, filming any kind of video on the Apple campus is prohibited by the company, perhaps for this same reason.