Netflix adds Galaxy Note 8 to list of HDR supported devices

Note 8 owners will be able to stream HDR video on Netflix.
By Jason Stokes,

Netflix has quietly added the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone to its list of HDR supported devices. That means owners of Samsung’s newest flagship should be able to stream content on Netflix on HDR. The Note 8 becomes the fourth smartphone to support HDR video on Netflix. The streaming platform had added the LG V30 recently, while the Sony Xperia XZ1 and XZ Premium had been added long ago.

The Note 8 becomes the fourth smartphone to support HDR video on Netflix. 

Of course, 4K and HDR video is available only to Netflix’s top-tier subscribers. The company also recommends a minimum of 24 Mbps stable data speeds for streaming at this quality.

If you do stream in HDR, you’ll find better contrast ratios and colour quality on your videos. The display calibration of course figures into it, but HDR video is quite noticeably better, for all intents and purposes. Netflix supports Dolby Vision and HDR 10 playback. Of these, Dolby Vision is proprietary to Dolby, while there’s a technology called HDR10+, that Samsung and Amazon have been working on. HDR10 itself is an open platform for HDR video.

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