The Nintendo Switch is coming to market, and it’s exciting.

Nintendo has finally revealed the release date of its new gaming console, the Nintendo Switch. The world’s first modular console will start selling for £280 from March 3 onwards. However, there is no word on when, or even whether, the Nintendo Switch will make it to India.

The console comes fitted with Joy Con controllers, which can be used separately, or attached to the screen on either side. Nintendo hasn’t announced a lot of games, but Legend of Zelda and Just Dance 2017 will be introduced along with the console.

There may be surprises from third party developers at launch, but there is no confirmation yet. However, new games are expected later in the year and past.

The modular design allows Nintendo’s console to be, both, a handheld device and a gaming console that sits below your television. This aspect has prompted many to call it the console that’ll shake the market. The Switch may do what the Nintendo Wii and Wii-U failed to do in the past. It surely has Microsoft and Sony looking over their shoulders pre-launch. However, only time will tell if the Playstation and Xbox have anything to worry about.