Third party Twitter apps won’t break down just yet

Twitter is delaying the deprecation date.
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Third party Twitter apps will not break down just yet. The company announced that it’s delaying the changes that would lead these apps to lose important features. The move came after people reacted negatively to the announcement earlier statement made in December 2017. 

To recall, Twitter was going to remove the “streaming services” feature from its platform, that allowed apps like Tweetbot and others to get push notifications and more. "Today's update to last year's announcement is focused on making sure developers have ample time to migrate to the new API," a Twitter spokesperson said.

The company announced that it is “delaying the scheduled June 19 deprecation date”. Twitter will also “provide at least 90 days notice from when the Account Activity API becomes generally available”. If it’s not clear what this means, Twitter will be revealing “more specifics on timing” in days to come.

Twitter will also be introducing a new Account Activity API for third party apps to get streaming services from it. It’s unclear how useful this API will be though, so there are still questions to be answered.