Review: Pulseway is an easy way to monitor your PC

Some users have even solved computer problems from the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
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For most regular users, managing and maintaining a computer starts and ends with cleaning it. Sure, some go the extra mile to buy cleaning solutions etc, but if you’re a serious gamer or power user, that’s not enough. In fact, there’s a lot more you want to do to keep your PC in check, and the first step to any of that is monitoring. Enter Pulseview, a free app that can help you monitor your PC and do some more.

Users have solved computer problems from the bottom of the Grand Canyon and while flying at 30,000 feet above sea level.

The Pulseway app is very similar to today’s Wi-Fi enabled home security monitoring apps, you can easily keep tabs on your computer anytime, anyplace from your smartphone, and carry out a number of regular tasks on the go. It is believed users have solved computer problems from the bottom of the Grand Canyon and even while flying at 30,000 feet above sea level.

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To start with, Pulseview works with both Mac and Windows PCs and it’s available on smartphones as well, both Android and iOS. So, you could be a mile away from your computer and still look at what’s up. And the simplest (and perhaps the best) use case for Pulseview is to just lock your computer.

Once you’ve set up the app on your PC, you can simply press a button on the mobile app to lock the PC. You can also shut down or restart your computer when you need to.

How to use it

When you open the mobile app, Pulseview will show you four tabs. The first of these lists all the PCs you have enrolled on the app. Clicking on the names will open a dashboard that shows CPU Usage, available RAM, external IP address and Tags. You can scroll down for deeper inputs on your computer.

So, there’s a “Hardware” option that gives you an idea of the CPU temperature and more. You will also see the fan speed here, battery health, remaining battery cycles, remaining battery and more. The Hardware option is followed by a look at the Processes running on your PC, Users and more. You can kill currently running process from the Processes option. 

Scrolling down on the home page will give you access to the Lock, Logoff, Restart, Shut Down, Suspend and Maintenance Mode options.

With all of these options, the software actually offers a really balanced approach at enterprise and consumer markets. The company sells licenses for both kinds of users. There’s a free version for personal usage, while you can buy workstation access starting at $1.35 per month. There’s also a server license that starts at $3.95 per month. You can also try the software for free before you begin.