Microsoft Xbox One X standard edition is now up for preorders

The Project Scorpio Edition of the new gaming console was already up for preorders before.
By Roger Mason,

Microsoft has now opened preorders for its Xbox One X gaming console. The console is available across Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop in USA, and the consoles will ship from November 7. Previously, Microsoft had introduced the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition up for preorders, and this is the first time that the standard edition is available for buyers as well.

The new gaming console from Microsoft was unveiled under much fanfare after being teased as Project Scorpio at E3 2016. The console focuses on offering true 4K gaming, and Best Buy stores in USA are loading up the Xbox One X console with 4K game samples for users to go out and try, before buying. Microsoft has so far stated that preorders so far and interest for the Xbox One X console have been at record levels, and if you have been planning to get your hands on one, it is unlikely for you to do so without preordering.

The Microsoft Xbox One X is set to disrupt the gaming industry after Nintendo seems to have hit the sales charts very strongly with its modular Switch console. Sales figures for the Nintendo Switch recently hit a new record in Japan, and have also been surpassing Xbox figures in global markets. With the Xbox One X finally upon us, it now remains to be seen how the three-pronged game of the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, Microsoft Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch play out.


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