Lenovo-owned Motorola has always been a recognised and well respected brand in India, right from the Moto Flip and Razr to now.

India is the third largest market for Lenovo-owned Motorola, says a new report. The country is reportedly behind Brazil, but ranks amongst the fastest growing markets for the company. The report says that the USA is the most valuable market for the Moto brand, followed by Brazil and India.

Motorola had earlier said that India is amongst its most important market. The new report seems to simply reiterate that. The company has been taking interest in the country, bringing most of its products here swiftly.

Lenovo has been using the Moto brand to pitch a more premium range of products in India. The Moto Z and Moto Mods ecosystems have been rolled out here. In fact, Motorola recently kicked off its Moto Collide hackathon, for Indian developers. This event is aimed at getting local developers to build Mods for the company’s modular initiatives.

The Moto Collide hackathon is part of Lenovo’s million dollar initiative to build the Mod ecosystem. Motorola invited Indian developers to build for the company’s Moto Z and Moto Z Play, and promised to provide hardware, software and other forms of support to them, that developers may need.