Humans must leave planet Earth within 100 years or face extinction, the British physicist has warned.



Humans will need to colonise another planet within the next 100 years, according to renowned British physicist Stephen Hawking.

The report that appeared in ‘The Telegraph’ suggests that the globally renowned astrophysicist and his former student Christophe Galfard will travel the world to find out how humans could survive in outer space.

While sharing his fears during a new BBC documentary called ‘Expedition New Earth’ which is part of the BBC’s new science season Tomorrow’s World, Professor Hawking claims that time is running out for the Earth and humanity will need to leave the planet for its survival.

According to ‘The Telegraph’, the show aims to find Britain’s greatest invention, by asking the public to vote on the innovation which has been the most influential in their lives.

It maybe recalled that recently in an alarming speech at UK’s Oxford University, Hawking warned fellow physicist that the world was turning to be increasingly insecure place to live in. ‘We must also continue to go into space for the future of humanity.,’ he said and later added, ‘I don’t think we will survive another 1,000 without escaping beyond our fragile planet.’

The BBC has joined hands with the Royal Society, Open University, London’s Science Museum and the Wellcome Trust to ‘connect audiences with the brightest minds and institutions in science and technology’.