Search giant makes a big push in schools; pushes the software that powers Google’s laptops to tablets

Image: Evolution Business

The software that powers Google’s laptops will likely come to tablets, as the internet giant  makes a big push in schools. This was revealed by Google’s, senior director of product for Android and Chrome for business and education, Rajen Sheth at a press conference yesterday.

Sheth observed that that we should “expect everything from detachables to tablets based on Chrome OS down the line.” The search behemoth chief, showed two new models of Chromebooks, that are powered by an operating system called Chrome OS and made by manufacturer partners including Acer and Asus.

It appears that Google went all guns blazing to make this announcement, including the social media, as the company’s product manager for Google for Education, Naveen Viswanatha also noted in a blog post “With new apps, stylus and touch capabilities, we expect our partners will continue to build an even wider variety of Chromebooks in the future, including detachables and tablets“.

The news has been welcome by Chromebook fans as much opinion makers who were wondering about the fate of Chrome OS, that is whether the search giant would phase it out slowly but surely. Industry pundits were even speculating whether the software would have been swallowed up by Android, the Google-owned software that powers almost 9 out of every 10 phones on the planet.

All in all, it appears that this decision by the internet major makes sense, as all upcoming Chromebooks will offer support for Android apps. It may be recalled that Google had announced in May that it would bring more than a million Android apps to Chromebooks besides later this year, a new version of Chrome OS would allow the resizing of app windows, giving users more control rather than limiting app windows to specific sizes.