Google adds HDR video support to YouTube on mobile phones

Phones like the Galaxy S8 can now play HDR video on YouTube.
By Jason Stokes,

Google is rolling out HDR support for YouTube videos on mobile phones. As confirmed by The Verge, the company is sending out updates to the app, that lets users play HDR videos at up to 1080p resolution, and at 60 frames per second. You will have to manually change to this setting. The update was first spotted by users on Reddit and SamMobile, and then confirmed by The Verge.

The move though isn’t particularly new here. YouTue had added HDR support for videos, back in November 2016. However, this was not available on mobile phones till now. Now, with many phones supporting HDR playback and HDR capable screens, YouTube sees it fit to roll out support on mobile phones as well. Some of the phones that will be able to play such videos include the Galaxy S8 series, the Galaxy Note 8, the newly launched LG V30 and the Xperia XZ Premium. Of course, Google’s own Pixel devices also support HDR playback.

Google isn’t the first to take HDR video seriously either. Both Netflix and Amazon had added support for HDR earlier, and have been adding devices to their portfolio steadily. While Netflix supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision videos, Amazon Prime Video currently offer support for HDR10 only.