Foxconn now has headquarters in the US

The Chinese giant manufactures smartphones for pretty much everyone.
By Jason Stokes,
Foxconn now has headquarters in the US.

If you follow technology news regularly, you’ve probably heard of Foxconn. Yes, that’s the company that makes smartphones for Apple, and pretty much everyone else in the world.

The company makes the products in China and has had its bases in the country so far. But now, Foxconn has a base in the United States as well, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, says a report by the Associated Press. The base will be its headquarter for operations in North America, although it’s unclear what those operations will be right now.

 The world's largest contract electronics manufacturer has now its headquarter in the US. Above one of Foxconn's offices in Taiwan.

That said, Foxconn had earlier set up in base in India as well, a country that’s been pushing companies to start manufacturing their products within its borders. According to the AP report, Foxconn will have 500 workers in the North American headquarters and will have a “innovation center” amongst its operations here.

Last year, the company had also announced plans to spend $10 billion in setting up a factory in Wisconsin. This factory would apparently manufacture LCD panels in the US, hiring 3000 people for the factory. Foxconn had been offered a bunch of tax benefits to set up this operation inside the US.

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