Domino’s has partnered with Nuance Communications, the company that build Siri.

At first, ordering a Domino’s pizza required you to walk into a store, then they added voice. That was followed with orders online, and then through the Domino’s app. Now, the company is going to let users talk to a robot when ordering pizzas. Domino’s India has partnered with a company called Nuance Communications, which is the company that built Siri, for a new Conversational IVR platform. The platform is reportedly built with natural language processing capabilities.

This allows customers to simply say their orders into the phone, or to a machine at Domino’s stores, to place their orders. The concept eliminates the need to wait in line, whether it is on the order helpline, or at store counters. It also means Domino’s will need lesser number of human employees for taking orders on its call-to-order helpline(s).

“In today’s digital world, customers expect their interactions with businesses to be when, where, and how they want. This intelligent natural language solution is further proof of Domino’s commitment to offering innovative technology to create a remarkably quick, easy, and efficient experience for customers. Through equipping the phone channel with Nuance’s Conversational IVR system, Domino’s India is delivering the convenience that customers desire,” said Jason Stirling, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance, Asia Pacific.