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Here’s the first trailer for Pixar’s second Incredibles movie

The Incredibles 2 is focused on a superhero baby and its powers.
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It took them 13 years, but Pixar is finally making a sequel to the 2004 animated movie The Incredibles. The first trailer for the same is now live, and it seems to pick up where the last movie left off. For those who haven’t seen the first version, The Incredibles ended with a superhero baby, while this one seems to deal with how the superhero parents leave their superhero baby, which is easier said than done.

The trailer pretty much focuses on the baby alone. Jack-Jack, the baby in question seems to be destructive from the start, presumably because he is yet to learn how to control them. At the end of the first movie, we learned that Jack-Jack can shoot lasers from his eyes, like Superman, breathe fire and do a lot more. In this one, he sneezes while in his father’s hands, which brings about fire, thunder and a laser blast, burning off a part of his father’s hair.

The sequel to the movie was announced back in 2015 and it was originally expected in 2019. However, Disney moved the timeline up to 2018, even releasing some footage from the movie at D23 earlier this year. It’s being directed by Brad Bird, who has said that the characters are more expressive and realistic this time. Expect the movie on June 15, 2018.