Building games for Microsoft's Xbox One is going to be easier soon

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The Xbox Live Creators Program begins this summer.

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Microsoft used the Game Developers Conference to announce a the Xbox Live Creators program. The program allows developers to bring unfinished games to Microsoft’s Xbox console. It basically means Microsoft will no longer be as picky as it has been, about games coming to its Xbox platform.

Till now, it has been more difficult to make games for the Xbox, than the Playstation. That's because Microsoft picks each game that makes it to the Xbox store. The new program could increase the inflow of games to the Xbox. Indie game developers may take even more interest in the platform now.

However, there will be no multiplayer games on the Creators Platform. Also, Microsoft is going to give preference to id@xbox titles. Most importantly, games made on the Creator’s Platform will run on the system space of the Xbox, which means they won’t be getting the full power of the platform. The information was reported by CNET, after speaking to Microsoft.

There are other downsides too, which you can read directly in CNET’s report.

On the bright side, the company told CNET that no games will be rejected on this platform. Games will also be placed on the Xbox Store, Windows Store, and developers will be allowed to choose their own prices. A $20 fee is all developers will need to pay to enter the program, covering all the games they make.