American Retailer B&H announces preorders of LG’s C7 series OLED televisions before any official pricing announcement from the Seoul based conglomerate.


Retailer B&H has put up the 55-incher C7 OLED TV up for $2500 and the 65-incher for $4000 even before any official pricing announcement from the Seoul electronics manufacturer.

The largest non-chain video and photo equipment retailer in the United States, B&H has posted preorder pages for the 55-inch and 65-inch sizes of C7 series OLED televisions from LG.

It looks like potential buyers could land up paying at least $500 more to own a 2017 LG OLED TV compared to the 2016 version. This audacious move by the New York based retailer is expected to trigger a promo war while other retailing chains follow suit.

Going by the current trend, the prices displayed by B&H are far higher than the current prices for LG’s entry-level B6 series OLED TVs.

The company’s sales consultants didn’t have a clue, when they were contacted to find out when LG’s flagship devices could hit the shop floor. Neither did the South Korean electronics giant comment on the pricing and the availability.