Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus pre-orders are lower than usual numbers

Everyone’s waiting for the iPhone X!
By Adam Smith,

The Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus may not have been as big hits as some thought they would be. According to Jun Zhang, an analyst from Rosenblatt, pre-orders for the two iPhone 8 models have been less than what the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 got in their day. Zhang said this in a note to his clients.

Of course, that’s not really surprising, given that Apple is expected to start selling the iPhone X from November 3 onwards. In fact, Zhang himself has also said that the lack of pre-orders are likely because prospective customers are waiting for the unveiling of the iPhone X at the moment. The device, after all, is the biggest change to the iPhone in a long, long time.

Further, in his note Zhang said that China’s has received only 1.5 million pre-orders after three days. This is just over half of the 3.5 million pre-orders that the iPhone 7 achieved after the same period. On the other hand, China Mobile has apparently got 1 million pre-orders for the iPhone 8, another number that is lower than the 2.5 million iPhone 7 models the company sold last year. China Mobile apparently had 3.5 million pre-orders for the iPhone 6.

The Apple iPhone 8 was launched at $699 for the 64GB model, while its 256GB variant is priced at $849. The iPhone 8 Plus costs a flat $100 more than the iPhone 8. The two phones go on sale from September 22, with the iPhone X waiting behind the curtain. The device is expected to go on pre-order from October 27 and will be priced at $999 for 64GB variant.


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