AMD Ryzen has provided  four more alternatives in the desktop computing market.



AMD returned to competing with Intel in the consumer processor market on Thursday by officially announcing Ryzen 5 budget desktop processors that will arrive worldwide on April 11, 2017, offering disruptive price-to-performance for gamers and creators.

The new Ryzen 5 processors are a lower-grade version of Ryzen 7CPUs launched earlier this month but feature the powerful and efficient “Zen” architecture in 6-core,12-thread as well as 4-core, 8-thread options, to deliver enhanced performance, immersive experiences and high performance innovation to gamers and consumers worldwide with a price range of $169 to $249 USD SEP.


AMD Ryzen 7 1800X


“Ryzen will ultimately bring innovation and competition to virtually every segment of the PC market, and Ryzen 5 is the next big step on that journey, designed to achieve new levels of compute performance for millions of PC users,” said Jim Anderson, SVP & GM, Computing and Graphics Group, AMD. ”

The world’s second-largest supplier of computer processors and Intel’s only significant rival’s latest four chips range between $169 to $249 and have the potential to greatly outpace Intel’s similarly priced Core i5 processors. The processors that are unlocked assist enthusiasts in overclocking them as we highlighted earlier this month.

The models include:


The 1600X is the flagship chip and will has a base clock speed of 3.6GHz and boost clock speed of 4.0GHz at the price of $249. The 1600 sports 3.2GHz base clock and 3.6GHz boost clock speeds, but costs $219.

AMD has battled for years with its rival Intel to keep afloat in the mobile processor category. Ryzen’s latest move to come out with “the power and efficiency of the ‘Zen’ core” to its high-end and budget users is undoubtedly an exercise to make its presence felt and a warning to Intel that it’s still a force to reckon with in desktop computing market and may bring AMD back into the game.


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