Amazon’s Echo devices can make free calls to landlines etc now

Echo devices could earlier call only other Echo users.
By Jason Stokes,

Amazon’s Echo branded devices can now make calls to mobile phones and landlines for free. The company made the announcement at its hardware event earlier, where it also announced a new version of the Echo speaker. The Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show will be able to make said calls. The feature is limited to calls within United States, Canada and Mexico at the moment. The speakers can also dial 911 in the case of emergencies.

To do this, you will have to purchase the Connect Box, that Amazon also announced at its event. The device will cost you $35, but it’s likely that you will make that money back by not paying for voice calls. The devices mentioned above can also make international calls or numbers that come with premium calling rates.

Wondering how this is different from regular Alexa calling? Well, Amazon’s first version of calling through Echo devices allowed you to make calls only to other Echo users, or those who had the Alexa app. Now, you can make these calls to landlines, mobile phones, 911 and more. You can even call your own self from your own phone numbers, using an Echo device.

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